Project Noah

Despite the double bank holidays, I don’t actually have any art to share! It’s a busy, hectic time at the moment… I’ve got an annual report to finish up for a board meeting at the end of May, I’m giving a seminar, and I have my research cruise coming up in June. Argh! But I have found this amazing website that’s helped calmed my nerves a little. It’s called Project Noah, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife photography, or nature in general!

The site essentially lets you document the wildlife you come across, encouraging you to find out what kind of animal or plant (or whatever else you saw!) it is you saw. Other people who are signed up to the website can also offer their knowledge up and suggest possible identifications for your pictures. It’s great because you can download an app for it on your phone, which lets you post pictures you take on you phone camera. It’s a really fun way to share what lives around where you are, and also pushes you to find out a little bit more about it.

If you are interested, my gallery is here. I’ve posted mostly old photos, with three that I took today while having a walk. I’ll try to get some watercolour paintings done soon, and post them up here. But if you haven’t already, I’d really suggest signing up for Project Noah!


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