It has been a long while since I posted anything here, mostly because there has been a lot going on and this whole thing just got pushed to the side. Now that I am starting a new and somewhat scary chapter of my life, I wanted to get back into the habit of writing – not in the least because I moved abroad and it might serve as a nice way to keep in touch with people!

My last post was about the final stretch of thesis writing. It was, as I predicted, exceptionally grueling and took a lot out of me. However, I made it! I submitted my thesis, had my viva last year and passed with some corrections. I am now Dr. Phytoplanktonic! Sometime towards the end of last year, after all the corrections had been submitted, I was offered a postdoc in the US and I started in January of this year. So… there is a fair amount to catch up on.


What I would like to do from now on is post on a (semi) regular basis. My plan is to perhaps try and post something every Thursday, but I will see how that goes! I want to do some catch up posts about the end stages of a PhD, looking for jobs, and then a few things about my experience of moving overseas. And of course, talk about the science I’m now working on!

I will have a go at updating my blog over the next few weeks, giving it a bit of a makeover perhaps and deciding how I’d like to continue with it. I realise this is mostly a pointless little post, but I thought it might be good to have this kind of announcement post to really get me to start writing again. Besides, I feel like I don’t want to say too much about other things now, so that I can write about it all later.

As a wise man once said, “I’ll be back”



One thought on “Rebirth!

  1. Yay, Dr. Laura is back! And nothing pointless about putting some extra pressure on oneself to get something done. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures! Big hug from Cabo Verde xx

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