Stress-relieving Sketches

The intensity of work has been increasing over the last month, with my annual report due, my supervisory board meeting next Thursday, and my first research cruise in about 2 weeks time. There has been stacks of paperwork to fill in for this cruise, from risk assessments to medical checks, on top of trying to […]

The Doodle Index

During my undergraduate degree, I made an observation that there was a correlation between the amount of doodles in my lecture notes and my relative interest in the actual content of the lecture. It was a simple way of working out how much attention I’d paid in the lecture, and therefore which things I should […]

The Illustrated Version of My Life

I guess I neglected this little blog for a bit. My excuse would be that I was waiting for something interesting to happen, but since my last post I’ve been to a conference, started up some brand new experiments, joined the gym and eaten at Nando’s twice, so it’s not really true. In reality, I […]